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Shalysa Wray

Chicago Blazing Storm

I was born on May 6th, 1999, in the sunny environment of Grand Cayman, into a family with a strong heritage in athletics. Since my earliest days in kindergarten, the track has been a significant part of my life. My initial experience in a sports day event sparked a lifelong commitment to track and field, a dedication that has grown over the years. With a family history that includes accomplished track and field athletes and soccer players, it seemed almost predestined that I would continue this tradition of sporting excellence.

This year, I am setting my goals high, aiming to not only qualify for the Olympic team but to leave a lasting mark by progressing through the competitions, setting new personal bests, and earning sponsorship from a leading sports apparel company. My ambition is to compete at the highest level and represent my country on the Olympic stage.

My ambitions, however, go beyond personal achievements. I am committed to contributing to my community by supporting and mentoring young athletes in Cayman, helping them to realize their potential. Additionally, I am looking forward to exploring opportunities in real estate or sports marketing after my athletic career. My story is one of unwavering focus and drive, an example of someone who not only pursues their own dreams but also strives to pave the way for the future accomplishments of others.

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Shalysa Wray
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