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Shannon Meisberger

Chicago Blazing Storm

Amidst the roaring cheers of an electrified stadium, my background is as compelling as my speed. While I am a two-time All-American athlete, who clinched second place at the 2021 NCAA Outdoor Championships and seized the title of 2021 Pac-12 Champion, I carry with me a tale of undiagnosed challenges overcome by unyielding family support. 

Throughout my early years, I grappled with the silent intricacies of ADD, autism, and dyslexia—conditions that eluded identification, creating hurdles far more challenging than the physical ones I would later come to dominate on the track. Like many kids, I endured bullying, but I knew my life’s story was more than these short chapters. 

My journey is one of transformation, fueled by my family's love and an indomitable spirit. Encouragement and understanding from them provided a foundation stronger than any starting block. With each race, I do not just run; I defy the odds, rewriting my personal narrative with every powerful stride.  My triumphs are a testament to human resilience, proving that with support and determination, every finish line is within reach.

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Shannon Meisberger
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