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North American Track & Field

Seeking to provide growth and wealth opportunities for professional track and field athletes. 

The founders

I am excited to share a unique opportunity to dive into the exhilarating world of the North American Track and Field League (NATFL). Our league goes beyond the dynamism of business. It's a place where the passion for sports intersects with the thrill of the race or the roar of the crowd.

We knew when we started on this journey to build North American Track&Field League® that we would wear lots of hats, connect with lots of people, hear lots of ideas, spend and ask for lots of money, organize lots of activities, and learn lots of lessons. One lesson we learned in 2022 was that we have to focus on building the teams. We have spent the better part of 2023 recruiting senior athletes who are graduating and are interested in going forward with their Track and Field Careers. Over the next few months, we will introduce you to our teams, share plans for our invitational, and create new opportunities for our athletes. Stay tuned.


Our Vision

North American Track&Field League® is created to be among the four Major League Sports in the USA. When a collegiate Football, Basketball, Soccer, or Baseball athlete is drafted they have the NFL, NBA, MLS, or MLB to aspire to, hoping to further their athletic dreams. Now Track and Field athletes have NATFL™. 


The journey began with a passionate group of sports enthusiasts who share a common dream – to form a competitive track and field league. The NATF-League was born, with the aid of its founding members, Joseph and Lauretta Codrington, NATF-League works tirelessly to define its vision, mission, and goals.




In August 2021, the league began recruiting athletes and support staff. Tryouts were held for our 3 Competitive Teams-Detroit TurbinesTM, Chicago Blazing StormTM, and New York QuicksteppersTM, attracting talented athletes locally and worldwide. Working with the athletes' performance teams, NATFL seeks to nurture both potential and opportunities.




Our Goals

Currently, NATFL is working to expand the league’s brand by:

  1. develop our athlete’s interview skills,

  2.  strengthen team cohesion,

  3. establish partnerships with businesses and sponsors, 

  4. and create outreach programs to support our local communities.

Our Successes

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