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NATF-League Teams

Welcome to the
North American Track&Field League 

A New Addition to American Sports.

The Teams

Dedication. Passionate. Professional

Each Team Can Include

Lightning Sprinters

Embodying speed and agility, our sprinters are a force to be reckoned with on the track. These runners are posed to set new records in both local and regional competitions.


Herculean Throwers

Our throwers boast some of the strongest and most technically skilled athletes in shot put, discus, and javelin events. Their incredible strength will leave spectators in awe.


Soaring Jumpers

Our jumpers are widely known for their incredible high jump and long jump skills, often making seemingly impossible leaps. They never miss an opportunity to fly high above their competition.

Relentless Racers

As masters of long-distance running, our racers have built a reputation for pushing their limits and never giving up. Their endurance training will lead them to numerous marathon triumphs.


Swift Hurdlers

NATFL hurdlers effortlessly blend speed and agility as they navigate obstacle courses with ease. Their exceptional reflexes enable them to take on the toughest hurdles gracefully and precisely.


Versatile All-Stars

Finally, our Versatile All-Stars consist of multi-talented athletes who excel at multiple events in track and field competitions. These well-rounded competitors bring passion and determination to every aspect of the sport.

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