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Britney Clark

Chicago Blazing Storm

My track career started when I was in high school. But honestly, it wasn't a burning passion or a lifelong dream that drew me to the track, but the simple lure of friendship. Yes, my friends were on the team, and I wanted to be part of that camaraderie. So, I took the plunge and joined them, never realizing the monumental impact this decision would have on my life.

To my astonishment, I found myself at home on the track. I'll never forget the raw thrill of my first 400-meter dash — the rush of adrenaline, the wind whipping against my skin, the rhythmic beat of my feet against the track. When I crossed that finish line in just 61 seconds, I had an epiphany: I was fast. Faster than I ever imagined. This was a revelation that both shocked and excited me.

That race was my game-changer. It was as if a switch had been flipped inside me, igniting a passion for track and field that I never knew existed. Now, I can say without a moment's hesitation that joining the track team was one of the best decisions of my life. It sparked a new passion within me, gave me a sense of belonging, and taught me the power of self-discovery. Celebrate with me as I become part of NATFL. Watch me as I embrace the unexpected and sprint toward new challenges in life!

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Britney Clark
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