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Elliott Cummings

Chicago Blazing Storm

Reflecting on my formative years brings a sense of gratitude, particularly for the active presence and nurturing I received from both my parents. Their involvement throughout my childhood laid a solid foundation for my future success, by providing a stable upbringing in a dual-parent household. Moreover, my enthusiastic participation in various sports enriched my personal development, instilling valuable life lessons and fostering growth that continues to resonate with me professionally and personally.

I have taken those life lessons and family support to expand them, while truly appreciating someone who thinks about the next person instead of themselves. Someone considerate of the next person. Someone who doesn’t give up and is dedicated to their craft and bettering themselves in every aspect of their life.

So, I have joined NATFL not only to better myself, and hone my craft but to provide a future to the next generation of track and field athletes. Come watch me open doors.

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Elliott Cummings
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