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Fatmata Awolo

Detroit Turbines

As a proud citizen of a region that doesn't often make headlines, I find that the athletic contributions of my country, Sierra Leone, are frequently overlooked in the grand scheme of world sports. This isn't just a matter of pride; it's about highlighting the raw talent, sheer perseverance, and indomitable spirit that we possess as a people. We may not have the same resources or opportunities, but our determination never wavers. We have stories of triumph and resilience to tell, and until we can tell these stories ourselves, we will forever be seen as a footnote in the annals of sporting history.

I have the immense honor of representing Sierra Leone at various world games. Every stride I take on the track, every bead of sweat that falls, is for our beloved homeland. My dream, a dream that I carry in my heart with every breath I take, is to become the fastest 100m and 200m sprinter in the world. This journey is more than a personal ambition; it's a shared vision that I carry for all Sierra Leoneans, a beacon of hope that we too can shine on the world stage.

But, this dream is about more than just breaking records or earning accolades. Every day, with every training session, I'm reminded that this is more than just a sport. With the modest training allowance I receive, I'm able to support my family. It's not just about running on the track; it's about running towards a better future for my family as well. This is our livelihood, our hope, and our shared dream. Join me in this journey, support our athletes, and let's put the league on the world map.

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Fatmata Awolo
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